Committed to the Gulf?

5 years ago, the Gulf of Mexico experienced a horrific oil spill caused by BP, which caused a tremendous impact on the environment and wildlife. The Gulf is still to this day being impacted by the oil spill and will experience impacts for the next few years. 2 years after the oil spill, BP posted this video campaign: presenting their “commitment to the Gulf, commitment to America”. In this video, an official from BP gave a quick overview of how the Gulf is doing now 2 years after the oil spill. The video showed very touristy video clips and claims that tourism is the best its been in years. BP also played very positive and cheery music, along with clips that made it seem like the Gulf is thriving now. The only mention of BP’s commitment to America is when the BP official said that BP supports more than 250,000 American jobs and that BP plans on continuing to provide America with fuel. However, nowhere in this video campaign does BP mention their commitment to the wildlife impacted by the spill. BP showed how pretty the Gulf looks on the outside now but left out the ugliness left behind by their spill. Also, the BP official never makes any mention of the long term effects of the oil spill and its environmental impact. According to the National Wildlife Federation (BP Oil Spill Impact) there is a significant amount of oil on the Gulf floor despite the fact that the oil is no longer visible on the surface. The oil spill also caused many sick animals, decreased fish/wildlife populations, an unbalanced food web, and a decline in fishing. The National Wildlife Federation says that we will most likely not even see the full impact of the spill for many years which will make restoration efforts challenging. BP mentions none of this in their video campaign. This is very conflicting because the video makes it seem like the problem is being solved, when it reality it is far from being solved. Tourism might be thriving, but what about the wildlife that literally depends on a healthy and clean Gulf because it is their home? This website shows how the Gulf is looking now, 5 years after the spill: BP should consider making another video campaign that really and honestly explains not only their commitment to America and the Gulf, but their commitment to the environment.


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