Life in the “Digital Now”

I thought the first Ted Talk, the one where Daphne Bavelier spoke on the brain and video games, was very interesting. She touched on many misconceptions that people in general, including myself, have about video games. I remember when I was younger my parents used to always reprimand me about not watching too much TV and having limited computer screen time in order to make sure that my eyes don’t get worse. However, according to Daphne and the research she’s citing, this isn’t true. So in other words spending too much time looking at a screen does not affect your vision. Most of this Ted Talk actually showed that video games can be very good for you (in moderation). I also thought it was interesting how video games can improve your multitasking skills, memory skills, and attention skills. Apparently, according to research and experiments, video games can actually help you in all of those areas. However, I feel like there are other healthier alternatives to video games that can help you improve in these areas. I hate seeing what video games to do people sometimes and it can really take over someone’s life. The fact that when Call of Duty: Black Ops came out it had been played for a combined total of 68,000 years worldwide really just blows my mind. After hearing all of this, I do think that educational video games should be emphasized and advertised more because it could be quite beneficial if it is done in the right manner. I absolutely loved the second Ted Talk hosted by Abha Dawesar and I agreed with basically everything she said. It is crazy how much technology has taken over the world. Everyone these days is always rushing and stressed on time and so worried about the future that I feel like no one ever really focuses on the present. Everyone is so caught up on social media and worried about what everyone else is doing. They’re also worried about what people think they’re doing, which is why people love to post Snapchat stories, Instagram pictures, and tweets about what they’re doing on a daily basis. Literally every single day I’m walking around campus everyone is always looking down at their phone screen, which can even cause them to run into things and people. During class and at the diner I see people on their phones. However I am guilty of doing the same thing. Social media can be a good thing, but the fact that it is taking over people is not a good thing. Obsessing over making sure that other people know you’re having a great time takes away from the actual experience. I thoroughly enjoyed these Ted Talks and would definitely recommend that people watch them.


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