What’s Changing About the Radio and Music?

Music and the radio have definitely come a long way since the invention of the phonograph in the late 1800s. A lot has changed even in the past couple of decades. However, even nowadays when music is so much more easily accessible through the internet and television people on average listen to about 2.5 hours of the radio per day. This is probably because a lot of people listen to the radio when driving to work, school, and other places. Also, apparently 99% of all US households have at least one radio receiver. Even though the radio still seems pretty common, I believe that there are new forms of radios that are taking over the traditional radio. For example, Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio are  3 of the biggest internet radios. These have become extremely popular because you get to choose what kind of music you listen to instead of hearing whatever the radio station decides to play. These internet radio stations also show you similar artists to what you’re already listening to as a way to show more options. As of June 10th, 2015 Spotify has over 75 million active users and 20 million of those people are paid subscribers. I feel like these internet radios are going to be the next big thing in the radio industry. Even Apple products offer Apple Music and a radio in the music app it already comes installed with, which is basically the same thing as the other internet radios. If I was the CEO of a record company I would probably do something similar to Spotify (let’s just pretend that in a perfect world it doesn’t exist and this is what I would do to save the company) because of how much more convenient it is to access all types of music. Soundcloud is also becoming pretty huge despite the fact that it is not a radio. However, Soundcloud is popular because you can access all different types of music and also upload your own music so other people can listen to what you’re making. I’m not sure if normal radios going to dwindle anytime soon but I can guess that internet radios are going to begin to takeover traditional radios in the future. I’ll gladly admit that I am a frequent user of Spotify and Soundcloud.


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