The Evolution of Print Media

Print media all started when paper was first made centuries ago. However, in my opinion media has really blown up within the last 100 or so years. Now you see an abundance of different types of media that hasn’t been around until recently such as gossip magazines, tabloids, and other entertainment print media. Before newspapers and the printing press were around, there wasn’t much print media because of how long the process to do something in print was. Once the newspaper industry was up and running a couple years ago that is when I believe that print media evolved the fastest and most efficiently. A lot has changed since the newspaper industry started. Because of the internet and TV there is a huge variety of things that can be found in print media. Newspapers and magazines like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, People magazine, the Associated Press, and other huge corporations feature different sections that include sports, politics, entertainment, international news, domestic news, oddities, etc. Back when the newspaper industry started and print media really hit the ground these different sections weren’t readily available. Other types of magazines like National Geographic, Reader’s Digest, and Time Magazine offered another new type of print media, photojournalism, in the early 1900s when these magazines were established. The invention and advancement of cameras helped make this a reality. The way I see it is that the more technological advances we have, the more print media evolves too. A lot of people may think that everything media related is being taken over by technology and that print is going out of style but if that’s the case then why are newspapers, magazines, books, and other print media still being used and printed in high quantity? I don’t really believe that print is dead at all.


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