Kony 2012

The personal information that the narrator shared in the beginning of the video was really important in catching the viewers interest. We as humans generally avoid watching dark and depressing things, so by the narrator sharing his personal life it helped him ease his way into the topic a little bit more. I feel like … More Kony 2012

War of the Worlds

After watching this insane documentary, War of the Worlds, it really blows my mind again and again how much of an impact the media has on people. People will literally believe everything they hear without stopping to think calmly and rationally about it first. I honestly did find it kind of funny what Orson Welles … More War of the Worlds


Hello everyone! My name is Andrea Samayoa. The purpose of this blog is to update you on what’s currently happening in our world and other things that are media related. I love keeping up with current events, whether it be in the entertainment world or in the real world. But in the mean time I’m … More Introduction